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    Francesco Napolitano - PostDoc

    Francesco Napolitano received his M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the University of Salerno, at Salerno, Italy, in 2006 with the thesis: “An Interactive Approach To Hierarchical Clustering”. In 2010, he received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the same University, with a thesis developed at Institute of Genomics and Bioinformatics (IGB), University of California Irvine, Irvine, USA, by the title: “Fast Search in Chemical Databases using Tanimoto Similarity Bounds and Clustering Techniques”. From January 2010 to February 2012, he worked with University G. D'annunzio of Chieti, Italy, on a project funded by Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC). From March to June 2012 he visited University of Helsinki, Finland, for an EU funded project. Since 2013 he works at Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine (TIGEM) in Naples, Italy.

    F.N. has a number of publications in the areas of Machine Learning, Bioinformatics and Cheminformatics. A list of publications can be found here.