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    Using MATLAB without compiler and qsub

    Hi all matlab users, In my lab here, people are running MATLAB using qsub without compiling it. Its a nice way to run it. Attached is the way to do it.

    __________MATLAB CODE ________

    $ cat matlab.plot-test.m

    t = 0:.3:10;

    y = sin(t);


    print -dpng matlab.plot-test.png;



    Remember to include a "quit" instruction at the end of the file containing MATLAB commands (that is, in the M-file)!!

    'Sun Grid Engine submit file:

    $ cat matlab.sge.submit.scr

    1. !/bin/sh

    1. $ -S /bin/sh

    1. $ -cwd

    1. $ -j y

    1. $ -o matlab.plot-test.out

    if ! echo $PATH | /bin/grep -q /nfs/apollo/1/shares/software/core_facility/local/matlab/2007b/bin; then export PATH=$PATH: /nfs/apollo/1/shares/software/core_facility/local/matlab/2007b/bin fi

    matlab -nodisplay -nojvm < ./matlab.plot-test.m

    printf '\n%s\n' "MATLAB plot test run complete"


    Submit run:

    qsub matlab.sge-submit.scr