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    di Bernardo Lab - Systems and Synthetic Biology Lab
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    Corso di Biologia Computazionale 2010

    Programma: Modelling and reverse engineering gene networks: theory and applications to Systems and Synthetic Biology

    Diego di Bernardo – TIGEM & DIS @ University of Naples “Federico II”

    The course will introduce the concept of networks in molecular biology with specific emphasis on how to model and reverse engineer biological pathways computationally and how to use these models to predict the behaviour of a pathway of interest. Practical session will introduce the students to state-of-the-art software tools for modeling and reverse-engineering gene networks using gene expression data and other experimental data sources.

    The course consists of 5 lectures of 3 hrs each, in the week from the 9th to the 13th of November 2009.

    • Lecture 1 (9am – 12am): An introduction to graph theory. Random and scale-free networks. Network motifs in gene networks.
    • Lecture 2 (9am – 12am): Mathematical models of gene regulation. The Gene Regulatory Function. Derivation of the model of a gene regulatory network. Identification of model parameters
    • Lecture 3 (9am – 12am): Practical lesson on modeling gene networks and identifying model parameters using COPASI (
    • Lecture 4 (9am – 12am): Reverse engineering gene networks. The information-theoretic approach. The differential equation approach. Application to cancer and genetic diseases.
    • Lecture 5 (9am – 12am): Practical lesson on reverse engineering gene networks from expression data.

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